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Virtual reInvention

One of the things I decided to do after getting married was to change my email address. The previous one was my first initial and my last name (now my maiden name). Yes, I could have forwarded everything to a new address and kept using my old account, but there is something so nice about a fresh slate. It’s like the draw to the fresh coat of snow, or the first day of school when all the pencils are newly sharpened and the notebooks fresh and clean. It’s a way to let any previous mistakes fall to the past and concentrate on the future.


You don’t notice it, but email is EVERYWHERE. So many accounts, so many spam lists that got a hold of my address and never let go, so many people that need to be reminded I have a new name please and thank you. I jokingly told my husband that I would never divorce him based on all this work! Yet, it is rather cathartic to strip away the  old information, to streamline what information I WANT rather than what marketing agencies think I need. This time it’s a bit more complicated since I have 2 addresses now, my name and my handle. Anything going to my new name email is professional, it’s family, it’s friends. My handle is my online identity and includes all online accounts that aren’t bills. It’s an important distinction and helps with the whole focusing and reinvention that is going on overall.


Cleaning up one’s virtual presence just makes sense to me, but it’s generally such a daunting task I can’t imagine someone doing it without a significant catalyst. It’s like how everyone looks at their material possessions when they move. You take a long hard look at that table that’s been in the basement since the day you moved in, the closet of clothing  full of things you haven’t worn in years, that pile of magazines and catalogs you told yourself you would read tomorrow. With email it’s the vacation spot you want to go back to someday, that awesome store you shopped at once but can’t really afford, that organization you donated money to and might again a year from now. We keep so much virtual clutter it’s amazing. I’m beginning to see how things like pinterest become so popular. Here you can place all those sites, organizations, stores, items for later purchase in nice categories for later. To unclog your daily bombardment of “must haves” and “must reads” and really get to what you want to know. One of these days I’d love to open my inbox and not have that list of email up for immediate deletion. It might be a dream, but it’s now or never.




What do you find helpful to combat the virtual bombardment?

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Theme of the Year

There is something about a new year, a fresh start, that invites meditation on where we are in our lives and where we want to be. We make resolutions that get left on the sidelines after the first few months of a new year. One of the best ideas I’ve heard is for a “theme” for the year, that way there is no obligatory trip to the gym, no slipping into bad habits after a  few months. Last year the theme was “Excelsior!”. My husband and I were planning our wedding and making decisions that would start us off on the rest of our lives together. I am happy to report that we had a wonderful wedding (and stayed within budget), I began my architectural registration exams, we moved to a new location with more opportunities, and I began a knitting circle at my office that has taken off.  It’s amazing what a positive outlook and baby steps will achieve given a chance.


What about this year? Well, onwards and upwards is still the theme of the year, now with visions of paying off remaining debt and completing those pesky architecture exams. On the homestead we are going to get chickens, plant a substantial garden, and maybe just maybe I get to set up my beehive.  Personally, keeping a blog with all the interesting things that go on is going to be a new thing for me. I love to observe from afar and it will be a change of pace for me to be more vocal about the wonderful things that go on. Apparently what we do and how we think isn’t considered normal by modern standards, but who wouldn’t love to have their own food and not be worried about when that next paycheck comes in? Common sense just isn’t common anymore so cheers to 2014!

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